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True Crime Response

It took me several hours longer than it should have to read the introduction,  the interview, and watch the video last night. Not because I did want to and procrastinated but because every time I read about a crime that I haven’t heard about or don’t know enough about I had to research it and learn everything I could about it. I looked up plot synopsis to horror movies that I had been to scared to watch because I found out they were biased off of a real crime and read about different serial killers and murderers whose names previously meant nothing to me but the mention of now makes me shiver a little. Especially Ed Gein and everything biased off of him; The Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Psycho, and even a character in the recent show American Horror Story: Asylum.

It reminded me of what we talked about in class, how we are so obsessed with crime and violence and why that is. I personally cant answer that for myself yet even though it has become a big thought in my mind. Whenever I read or watch anything that has violence in it I ask myself why I am so interested yet disgusted at the same time and why many other people if not all feel the same thing. Some people are interested because they want to know how a person could do such atrocious things. Other people live vicariously through these stories. However, there are still many other answers that I have not thought of yet.