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Final Post

The thing I liked best about this class was the fact that there were no tests or quizzes. So I could enjoy learning about the subject and not have to worry about cramming everything in in order to pass. I didn’t really mind that blogging made up most of the work, the most difficult thing about that was actually remembering to blog. What I didn’t like however was how unclear some of the guidelines were so I never felt like I was doing the right thing. When I did feel like I was doing the right thing, it turned out to not be what was wanted. Another thing that slightly annoyed me was that I did not know how I was doing in the class grade wise but that I could live with because if I was doing really poorly I would have been told. Although the video projects could be a lot of work and some of the readings were a bit too long, I really enjoyed the work. I didn’t enjoy having to lead the class at all though. I’m really not good in front of an audience so I had a hard time trying to say what I wanted too and usually ended up rushing through everything so I didn’t have to talk anymore. Class time itself was usually a lot of fun and I enjoyed joking and talking with everyone. Despite the work I’m really going to miss all of the True Crimers.

Wise Guys and Good Fellas

Money handingglass to the head
garlicI thought Goodfellas was an awesome movie. I loved the Godfather so I figured I would like this move too and I was right. One of my favorite parts was when Henry had to run around and get rid of the guns and deal with the coke but he was still so concerned with not letting the sauce burn.

The organization of the gang and the members are the main difference between this and some of the other crimes we have read. Also money is a big motivator for them but it isn’t always the reason crimes were committed. Like when Tommy killed the waiter Spider because he was rude to him.  Although I never really thought about the mob being part of True crime it does fit into it. The murders they committed were just as brutal as some of the other ones we’ve read about and the motive doesn’t change the crime.

I thought it was kind of funny how all of the different gangsters acted like family to each other and were so close but in the next instant they could kill you and they wouldn’t care. They got used to being untouchable so they thought it was normal and that it would last forever.

Ted Bundy Part 2

Even though I like Ann Rule’s writing style I got very sick of hearing about her in the second half of the book and there a lot of details that were not needed. Like on page 349 she mentions that her apartment was the only one that wasn’t a “hooker’s pad.” It really wasn’t relevant to the story and just kind of bugged me.

A few quotes really stuck out to me. The first was ” The world owed Ted Bundy. It had taken everything he had away from him…” on page 318. When I read the quote it made me wonder, is that how Ann thought Ted felt or is that how Ann felt about Ted. Also I don’t believe that for a second. Even though Ted had a difficult child hood he was very smart and could have gone anywhere in life he wanted, he had made the choices he did to end up where he was at that moment.

Another quote that stood out to me was on page 323 when Mary Ann Piccano said “I think I’m about to dance with an ex-con…” It stood out to me not only because of how accurate it was but also because its strange to me how so many of the girls felt that there was something wrong with Ted and there were also a lot of girls that didn’t see that. Including Ann. Were some of the girls able to see there was something wrong with him because his real self was peeking through his mask?


My First Gifs

These are just the first two I did. One is from a random video on youtube called Who You Gonna Call? and the next is from the Helter Skelter movie

who you gunna call inside librarymansonism1

Ted Bundy Part 1

I was actually shocked how quickly I got into the story of Ted Bundy and how fast I was able to read half of the book. I really enjoyed Ann Rule’s writing style and it made it easy for me to continue reading because I wanted to know more. I barely knew anything about Ted Bundy when I started reading the book. I knew he had killed a lot of women but that’s really all I knew. After reading all about his life I still feel like I don’t know who Ted Bundy really is. He was able to manipulate people so easy and only show them what he wanted to show them.  It

The story of Carol DaRonch stuck out to me a lot because I felt I could easily be in that position. It wouldn’t occur to me in the situation how the person knew what car I owned. I would be apprehensive but I probably would have followed him into the parking lot. After reading this book though Ill probably be suspicious of everyone I meet for a while though.

Another one of the things that really struck me was when Ted said he “detested [Gary Gilmore] for his manipulation of Nicole”(268) and yet he never realized he did the same thing not only to Sharon and Meg but to the women he would kidnap and kill.

In Cold Blood Part 2

Perry’s confession of the crime was very detailed and although the description was upsetting to me it felt good to finally know what happened during a crime and for the people who committed the crime to be caught and justice be done. Although there is some confusion because originally Perry said that Dick had killed the two girls and then he changed it we still know what happened. Its hard to believe that they brutally killed 4 people just for 40 to 50 dollars.

Its really hard for me to figure out Perry. Especially with the quote on page 255. “I wanted to fix Dick for being such a coward. Dropping his guts all over the goddamn floor…he was doing it out of consideration for Hickock’s parents.” Perry was fine with killing 4 people and then saying Dick killed two of them but because he felt bad for Dick’s parents he admitted or said that he killed all four of the Clutters.

One of the quotes that really stood out to me in the book was on page 257, “The rich never hang. Only the poor and the friendless.” Even though that isn’t always true it is generally correct considering a lot of the crimes that go on even today and this crime itself. Perry and Dick didn’t have too many people to help them and they were poor.

Another quote that stood out to me was on page 270 about the auction of Mr. Clutter’s farm equipment. Mrs. Bill Ramsey said that the “Land’s so wet and nasty” so her husband could’t work so they figured they would drive out to the sale. The next sentence was “Actually, it was a beautiful day. Spring.” People were just going out of curiosity, it was almost like the public trials again.

Part 1 of In Cold Blood

Although it took me a while to get into the story because of how many seemingly unrelated details included in it, as I read on I realized they helped inform the story of how the murders had happened and also how they helped to get you familiar with the family. If I didn’t know about about all the little things that made the Clutters the Clutters I probably would not have sympathized so much and I would not have been able to get so into the story later on. Most of the details about the family were probably made up or exaggerated but if Truman Capote did not do that then he would have just been writing another article about the murders themselves and not a book.

I also really liked how much Capote told us about Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. It made me really interested to see what had actually happened the night of the murders and who killed the family; if they both killed someone or if one person just killed them all.

Even though there was closure on this case because we found who killed the Clutters for what reason and there was justice, I felt just as bad if not worse than I did reading The  Black Dahlia because I really felt like I knew the family after reading the first part of the book.  They felt very real to me and I could actually see them going about their daily lives before Perry and Dick came along.

The Black Dahlia and The Joker

When I was reading The Black Dahlia and I got to the portion that described how her face was slashed from ear to ear “fixed in a grotesque and leering death smile” it reminded me of the Joker. Especially because he came up in that video we watched last week and because of they way the Joker is. He is a psychopath with no real reason for everything he does. It is madness for the sake of madness. Which was brought up in The Black Dahlia because we don’t know why Elizabeth Short was killed. It could be because she betrayed someone or there could be no reason for the violence at all and we will never know.

Both the Black Dahlia and My Mother’s Killer reminded me of the torso killings because the killer was never caught for any of them. It really sucks when the killer isn’t found because it means not only will there be no justice but we will also never for sure know the motive behind the murder. At least with My Mother’s Killer and the torso murders there have been guesses towards the murder but with the Black Dahlia there are too many reasons she could have been killed.

Criminal and/or Psychopath

The readings today reminded me of the conversation we had in class about the prison system and if it actually worked and about the death penalty. There is no good answer to it though. Some criminals do need psychological help and the prison system may help them but other criminals are just criminals that will commit crimes no matter how many times they go to prison. I looked this up to be sure but within 3 years 67% offenders become repeat offenders and return to prison. Obviously, something here needs to change.

Like Lindsey said in her post,  what the people went through trying to kill Malloy reminded me of Rasputin and his death. It took 7 attempts and then finally a gas tube in his mouth to kill him and yet it took only 16 minutes to kill the three men all for $1290. If I was one of the guys trying to kill him I would have stopped after he survived the night in the cold because Malloy  was obviously not going to die soon.

The Unsolved Torso Killings

Torso was a pretty cool reading and I enjoyed the actual story even though the graphic novel itself was a bit hard to read at times because I couldn’t tell some of the characters apart. It felt almost like I was reading a TV show or movie and I did not want to stop reading.  The different ways Bendis and Andreyke created the world of the graphic novel really drew me in. Like the two main cops, Sam Simon and Walter Myrlo, and pages like the spiral or the couple pages that were sideways.

It was bittersweet for me to find out the two man police characters were made up because although I really liked them and they made me really get into the story in a way that I would not have if it was just Elliot Ness, I’m glad they aren’t real because it means that Sam Simon didn’t die.

Elliot Ness reminded me of Harvey Dent from the Batman movie. I was expecting him to either become corrupt or be the torso killer, although I’m glad he didn’t.