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Another Meaning for Blood

Going into the readings I was thinking about how blood is used in Pillars of Salt. It shows up in Esther Roger’s story and in Patience  Boston’s story. The line that stuck out to me the most in Esther’s story was “I hope I have hated the evil of my ways; and do hope to have my Soul washed and cleansed in the Blood of Jesus Christ” on page 98. Esther talks mentions the blood in a way that makes me think it represents forgiveness or possibly the holy spirit.

In Patience’s story blood is talked about on page 124. “…when the jury sat on the Body, I was ordered to touch it: This terrified me, lest the Blood should come forth, to be a Witness against me; and I then resolved in my Heart, that I would be a Witness against my self, and never deny my Guilt; so I tho’t God would not suffer the Child to bleed; then I laid my Hand on it’s Face, but no Blood appeared.”  Its a long quote but I feel its an important one when it comes to finding out how and why the word blood is used.  Patience uses blood in a different way than Esther. Instead of cleansing and forgiving her, it proves her guilt.

I also find it interesting that certain words are capitalized. It could just be random but blood is capitalized in both stories and I feel that the capitalization could be pointing to how much importance the word blood carried.

Even though blood might have carried different meanings for people in that time, it obviously held great importance.



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    I wrote about the blood in my post as well. We were talking about it in class on Tuesday and how it doesn’t mean the blood in our body, but a metaphor for something else. Like Tuesday’s class I still have no idea what the blood is representing.

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