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The readings today reminded me of the conversation we had in class about the prison system and if it actually worked and about the death penalty. There is no good answer to it though. Some criminals do need psychological help and the prison system may help them but other criminals are just criminals that will commit crimes no matter how many times they go to prison. I looked this up to be sure but within 3 years 67% offenders become repeat offenders and return to prison. Obviously, something here needs to change.

Like Lindsey said in her post,  what the people went through trying to kill Malloy reminded me of Rasputin and his death. It took 7 attempts and then finally a gas tube in his mouth to kill him and yet it took only 16 minutes to kill the three men all for $1290. If I was one of the guys trying to kill him I would have stopped after he survived the night in the cold because Malloy  was obviously not going to die soon.


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    I think the prison system should change so that it does abetter job of helping people change. However, the worse criminals I don’t believe can change, but the minor criminals just need help to get back into society in the right way.

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