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In Cold Blood Part 2

Perry’s confession of the crime was very detailed and although the description was upsetting to me it felt good to finally know what happened during a crime and for the people who committed the crime to be caught and justice be done. Although there is some confusion because originally Perry said that Dick had killed the two girls and then he changed it we still know what happened. Its hard to believe that they brutally killed 4 people just for 40 to 50 dollars.

Its really hard for me to figure out Perry.¬†Especially with the quote on page 255. “I wanted to fix Dick for being such a coward. Dropping his guts all over the goddamn floor…he was doing it out of consideration for Hickock’s parents.” Perry was fine with killing 4 people and then saying Dick killed two of them but because he felt bad for Dick’s parents he admitted or said that he killed all four of the Clutters.

One of the quotes that really stood out to me in the book was on page 257, “The rich never hang. Only the poor and the friendless.” Even though that isn’t always true it is generally correct considering a lot of the crimes that go on even today and this crime itself. Perry and Dick didn’t have too many people to help them and they were poor.

Another quote that stood out to me was on page 270 about the auction of Mr. Clutter’s farm equipment. Mrs. Bill Ramsey said that the “Land’s so wet and nasty” so her husband could’t work so they figured they would drive out to the sale. The next sentence was “Actually, it was a beautiful day. Spring.” People were just going out of curiosity, it was almost like the public trials again.


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