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Part 1 of In Cold Blood

Although it took me a while to get into the story because of how many seemingly unrelated details included in it, as I read on I realized they helped inform the story of how the murders had happened and also how they helped to get you familiar with the family. If I didn’t know about about all the little things that made the Clutters the Clutters I probably would not have sympathized so much and I would not have been able to get so into the story later on. Most of the details about the family were probably made up or exaggerated but if Truman Capote did not do that then he would have just been writing another article about the murders themselves and not a book.

I also really liked how much Capote told us about Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. It made me really interested to see what had actually happened the night of the murders and who killed the family; if they both killed someone or if one person just killed them all.

Even though there was closure on this case because we found who killed the Clutters for what reason and there was justice, I felt just as bad if not worse than I did reading The  Black Dahlia because I really felt like I knew the family after reading the first part of the book.  They felt very real to me and I could actually see them going about their daily lives before Perry and Dick came along.


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    Wow! i love that you have these feelings for the family! well done! i’m using this in the wiki

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    Very true about the details many times books use to many of them and it gets to be too much for the reader till it gets drawn out and boring to read sometimes. In this case I agree that tough it isn’t clear at first on why Capote is giving so many details it definitely helps readers understand the book better later on in the novel.

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    I completely agree with you Gloriana, it was difficult to get into this book, but I did like the details of Dick and Perry alot. I didn’t like, however, the abundance of details about the family and all of the neighbors and just the unimportant people because that is what bored me, but I understand that it is there to actually make it a novel rather than an article just like you said. I just wish it was more like a story and a lot more suspenseful.

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