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Ted Bundy Part 1

I was actually shocked how quickly I got into the story of Ted Bundy and how fast I was able to read half of the book. I really enjoyed Ann Rule’s writing style and it made it easy for me to continue reading because I wanted to know more. I barely knew anything about Ted Bundy when I started reading the book. I knew he had killed a lot of women but that’s really all I knew. After reading all about his life I still feel like I don’t know who Ted Bundy really is. He was able to manipulate people so easy and only show them what he wanted to show them. ┬áIt

The story of Carol DaRonch stuck out to me a lot because I felt I could easily be in that position. It wouldn’t occur to me in the situation how the person knew what car I owned. I would be apprehensive but I probably would have followed him into the parking lot. After reading this book though Ill probably be suspicious of everyone I meet for a while though.

Another one of the things that really struck me was when Ted said he “detested [Gary Gilmore] for his manipulation of Nicole”(268) and yet he never realized he did the same thing not only to Sharon and Meg but to the women he would kidnap and kill.


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