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Ted Bundy Part 2

Even though I like Ann Rule’s writing style I got very sick of hearing about her in the second half of the book and there a lot of details that were not needed. Like on page 349 she mentions that her apartment was the only one that wasn’t a “hooker’s pad.” It really wasn’t relevant to the story and just kind of bugged me.

A few quotes really stuck out to me. The first was ” The world owed Ted Bundy. It had taken everything he had away from him…” on page 318. When I read the quote it made me wonder, is that how Ann thought Ted felt or is that how Ann felt about Ted. Also I don’t believe that for a second. Even though Ted had a difficult child hood he was very smart and could have gone anywhere in life he wanted, he had made the choices he did to end up where he was at that moment.

Another quote that stood out to me was on page 323 when Mary Ann Piccano said “I think I’m about to dance with an ex-con…” It stood out to me not only because of how accurate it was but also because its strange to me how so many of the girls felt that there was something wrong with Ted and there were also a lot of girls that didn’t see that. Including Ann. Were some of the girls able to see there was something wrong with him because his real self was peeking through his mask?



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    I couldn;t agree with you more about the quote: “The world owed Ted Bundy. It had taken everything he had away from him…” It’s really ahrd to get a sense how much Ann Rule is interpolating, and how much is based on her interviews and discussions with him. She pretty liberally assumes his feelings and perspectives, which is really disturbing given that she goes from that to describing him kidnapping and murdering a twelve year old pages later. How does this persepctive make sense—sometimes she almost tries to humanize Bundy too much assuming she “understands” him, which for me is the horror of Bundy, who can understand the such savage impulses? Who would truly want to?

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