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The Black Dahlia and The Joker

When I was reading The Black Dahlia and I got to the portion that described how her face was slashed from ear to ear “fixed in a grotesque and leering death smile” it reminded me of the Joker. Especially because he came up in that video we watched last week and because of they way the Joker is. He is a psychopath with no real reason for everything he does. It is madness for the sake of madness. Which was brought up in The Black Dahlia because we don’t know why Elizabeth Short was killed. It could be because she betrayed someone or there could be no reason for the violence at all and we will never know.

Both the Black Dahlia and My Mother’s Killer reminded me of the torso killings because the killer was never caught for any of them. It really sucks when the killer isn’t found because it means not only will there be no justice but we will also never for sure know the motive behind the murder. At least with My Mother’s Killer and the torso murders there have been guesses towards the murder but with the Black Dahlia there are too many reasons she could have been killed.


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  1. 10/29/2013 | 12:51 am Permalink

    I can agree with these readings reminding us of torso, especially the way that “Elizabeth Short” was found.
    I was looking on line searching “Black Dahlia” and they have some pretty bad pictures of her, that really reminds you off torso, except that more is left than just the torso.

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  2. 10/29/2013 | 4:16 pm Permalink

    I agree with you guys. When i was reading this myself i thought of all of the resemblance’s between this and torso. I really hope one day somehow the police can look back into this and try to really find out who the killer was and why he/she did it

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    Awesome catch on the link to the Joker, this is something Ellroy links to in his amazing novel on this murder Black Dahlia. It actually comes from a Victor Hugo novel in whcih the charcter Gwynplaine has the same thing. You can read more about this connection in the post below, but this is an amazing connection, and a rich rabbit hole:

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    Found this great little tidbit about the Dark Knight:

    “‘Wanna know how I got these scars?’ Chances are we’ll never know which version of The Joker’s story is accurate in The Dark Knight, but the cuts on his mouth were inspired by those inflicted on Elizabeth Short, aka The Black Dahlia murder victim. In The Black Dahlia movie, it was suggested that her gruesome facial wounds were inspired by creepy 1928 horror The Man Who Laughs – which was Bob Kane’s original inspiration for The Joker.”

    I did not know about this movie, but if I can get my hands on it, I plan on watching it.

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