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The Unsolved Torso Killings

Torso was a pretty cool reading and I enjoyed the actual story even though the graphic novel itself was a bit hard to read at times because I couldn’t tell some of the characters apart. It felt almost like I was reading a TV show or movie and I did not want to stop reading. ┬áThe different ways Bendis and Andreyke created the world of the graphic novel really drew me in. Like the two main cops, Sam Simon and Walter Myrlo, and pages like the spiral or the couple pages that were sideways.

It was bittersweet for me to find out the two man police characters were made up because although I really liked them and they made me really get into the story in a way that I would not have if it was just Elliot Ness, I’m glad they aren’t real because it means that Sam Simon didn’t die.

Elliot Ness reminded me of Harvey Dent from the Batman movie. I was expecting him to either become corrupt or be the torso killer, although I’m glad he didn’t.


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  1. 10/22/2013 | 6:55 am Permalink

    Good point about Simon and Myrlo. They’re made up, but they serve an important function in that they humanize the story in a way. They draw us in and get us involved in it in a deeper way than we would if it was just the straight facts.
    I love that you made the connection between Ness and Harvey Dent. Could you explore that further, and say something about why you see a similarity?

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    I liked that Ness reminded you of Harvey Dent from Batman, I thought that was really interesting and gave me something to think about. I didn’t have a big opinion on Ness’s character, but now you have me thinking about what I think of him.

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    I really like the Harvey Dent reference. I agree with you that it was a fun read but really hard to read at times

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