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Wise Guys and Good Fellas

Money handingglass to the head
garlicI thought Goodfellas was an awesome movie. I loved the Godfather so I figured I would like this move too and I was right. One of my favorite parts was when Henry had to run around and get rid of the guns and deal with the coke but he was still so concerned with not letting the sauce burn.

The organization of the gang and the members are the main difference between this and some of the other crimes we have read. Also money is a big motivator for them but it isn’t always the reason crimes were committed. Like when Tommy killed the waiter Spider because he was rude to him. ¬†Although I never really thought about the mob being part of True crime it does fit into it. The murders they committed were just as brutal as some of the other ones we’ve read about and the motive doesn’t change the crime.

I thought it was kind of funny how all of the different gangsters acted like family to each other and were so close but in the next instant they could kill you and they wouldn’t care. They got used to being untouchable so they thought it was normal and that it would last forever.


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